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Organize Your Office

Spring is the perfect time to get excited about cleaning & organizing your home.  Today we’ll review some helpful tips on how to accomplish a perfectly put together office space.  You’ll be happy to discover how much more efficiently it can function once it’s tidy.

  1. Analyze The Contents – A home office is often where mail, receipts, pens, change and other miscellaneous stuff ends up. Sort through the pieces in this ‘catch all’ area and separate items into piles of similar effects.  Once everything has been separated, determine what really belongs and return any non-office essentials to the proper place.  Invest in a new wastebasket where you can toss trash to help keep clutter at bay.  This sleek option from The Well Appointed House is sure to bring a touch of style.
  2. Create A Filing System – Remember the stress of trying to locate an important document or the frustration of missing a deadline because of a misplaced letter or invitation? Never again.  Purchase a number of colorful folders to contain all of your important paperwork like receipts, bills, correspondence, and medical & financial documents.  Check out this adorable assortment from Rifle Paper Co. 
  3. Invest In A Safe – You needn’t devote a large area; many fire-resistant document safes are compact and easy to store, like this one from Amazon. A safe will will offer peace of mind that all documents, flash drives, CDs, photos and other irreplaceable items are secure, portable and easily located in the event of an emergency.
  4. Storage Containers – Choose an attractive desktop set that actually makes you want to keep your area clean, such as this cute mint colored bundle from Poppin. A consistent color scheme helps keep the design coordinated.  Don’t forget larger containers for all of your bigger items!  A box seat container – like this one, keeps everything stored out of site, and creates another space to place decorative enhancements like flowers or photos.

There’s just something about a well-organized workspace really boosts our mood! Tag us on social @philippakarr in photos of your newly improved area.

Happy organizing! – Pippa

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