Custom Fit & Style Guide

Do you ever wonder how some people always look polished and impeccably dressed?  While it’s true that some garments are so well made (and thus flattering) that anyone could wear them and look amazing, it’s not the norm.  Style experts agree – in order to look great, it’s imperative that you know which types of clothing look best on you.  General rules can be applied according to your body shape and help you narrow the options.  Yet, it’s still necessary to identify and curate your wardrobe according to the individual features of clothing you purchase.

If you’re ready to enhance the refinement of your look, you’ll need to put some time into researching and documenting different pieces of clothing, in various styles, from a number of brands, in assorted fabrics, sizes and colors.  There’s just no substitute to visiting a designer’s store and trying on their garments – unless you plan to employ a personal shopper.  Your time is important, so to save yourself future frustration, and take a few hours to browse and begin to build a database of what looks best on you.  An added bonus of your Style Guide is that once it’s complete, you can conveniently shop online with confidence and know that your selections will always fit perfectly.

The choices are endless.

View our sample Custom Fit & Style Guide below and then create your own.  With it, you can record your discoveries and achieve an ideal fit every time.  Do keep in mind, even the best clothes look better if you elect to have them specially altered.  For this reason, we recommended investing in the services of a tailor when you really want an outfit that makes an impact.


Designer Piece of Clothing Style Size Fabric Type
JCREW Dress Sheath 2 regular linen
Sheath 0 Regular cotton/ spandex
Wrap 0 Regular viscose
Midi 2Petite wool
Midi 0 Regular cotton/ spandex
Maxi 2 Petite cotton/ spandex
A Line 0 Regular Same sizing for all materials
Strapless 0 Regular faille
Skirt Circle 0 Regular cotton
Pencil 2, with tailoring needed at waist wool
Denim 2, with tailoring needed at waist cotton/spandex
Midi 2 Petite silk
Maxi 2 Petite tulle
Shirts Button Down 0 Regular cotton
Button Down 0 Regular silk
T-shirt Small cotton
Fitted Tank Small polyester blend
Shell Small cotton
Sweater Small merino wool
Tunic Small merino wool
Henley Small cotton/ spandex
Tank Small satin
Pants Jeans 26 Regular, with hemming needed cotton/spandex
Dress pants 6 Regular lined wool
Dress pants 6 Regular unlined cotton
Leggings Medium spandex
Ankle Length 6 Regular linen
Outerwear Pea Coat 0 Regular or 2 Petite wool
Windbreaker Small polyester
Athletic Small polyester
Blazer 0 Regular chambray
Blazer 0 Regular wool
Long Overcoat 2 Petite wool
Hat Baseball Cap 7 3/8 or adjustable performance fabric
Baseball Cap 7 3/8 or adjustable cotton
Sun Hat Medium straw
Panama Hat Medium straw
Knitted Hat One Size wool
Shoes Pumps 6 leather
Sandals 6.5 suede
Flats 6.5 vegan leather
Sneakers 6.5 knit
Sneakers 7 leather
Boots 7 suede


Feel free to add or subtract details from your Style Guide as needed.  Also remember to give a copy to your partner, family members or friends who may want to purchase a gift for your.  It will ensure that they know what size to buy, and they’ll be happy that they needn’t inquire about sizing and in doing so, spoil the surprise.

Tell us more about your adventures in fashion in the comments section below, or tag us on social @philippakarr.


Xx Pippa

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