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How To Wrap Anything

We’ve all been there – an oddly-shaped present, no box and no gift bags.  How will you ever wrap this thing?  In 10 steps, we’ll show you how.

Step One.  Gather Supplies.

Step Two.  Place the gift on a sheet of wrapping paper and make sure you’ll have enough coverage on all sides.  Then crease the paper so that it will fold into thirds.

Step Three.  Set the gift aside and fold the left and right thirds onto the center.  Then fold the bottom up roughly 8 inches.

Step Four.  Fold the left and right portions of the bottom fold in toward the middle. 

Step five.  Press the folds down tightly and secure with tape.Step six.  Fold the top and bottom points down + up, respectively and secure with tape.

Step seven.  You should now have created a bag out of the wrapping paper.  Slide your gift into the open end.

Step Eight.  Press the present firmly into the bottom of the bag so that it sits inside evenly.

Step nine.  Lay the bag on its side and fold the top edges into a point. 

Step Ten.  Fold the pointed end down toward the bottom and secure with tape.  

I love this wrapping technique!  Hope you enjoy it as well.

xx Pippa

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