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5 Simple Interior Design Tips

If you’ve decided to tackle the task of refreshing your home’s style, it may seem overwhelming at first.  Remodeling and design shows tend to make it look easy, but without adherence to proper plans, time line and budget, success will elude you.  Read on for tips about how to achieve outstanding interior elegance.

  1. Establish a design theme. In the age of social media this is extremely easy and cost effective. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start. Search for photos of entire rooms, individual pieces of furniture, fixtures, colors and patterns that you especially love.  Your selections will help you determine a consistent style.  Collecting samples of fabric swatches & other materials is also recommended, as the tactile experience of finishes is important in achieving the right feel for your home.
  2. Reconcile. Depending on how drastic your redesign will be, you’ll need to decide whether the items that you already own will integrate with your updated space. If your new selections are all mid-century modern, but your current style is French country, you may have a problem harmonizing the two.  Be realistic and use your budget to help guide you in editing the old or new items which just won’t work.  Consider choosing fresh new fabrics with which you can have existing furniture reupholstered, instead of having to buy all new pieces.
  3. Details.  Invest in little things which will have a big impact.  A perfect example is having new light switches and plugs installed.  If they’re old, they’re making your home look old, and you probably never even consciously noticed it.  For a minor investment, this project can really enhance the look of any interior.  Another way to freshen a room without professional involvement is by swapping out old pillows, blankets, rugs and photo frames with updated items.
  4. Budget.  After you’ve reviewed what you’d like to do, what you’re going to keep, and settled on what will create the most dramatic improvement, you’ll have a better idea of a realistic budget.  For any professional work, it’s recommended to get at least three quotes for labor costs on any projects so that you know you’re paying a fair price.  Also plan to buy materials yourself so that you don’t pay extra to have a contractor purchase them on your behalf.
  5. Consult an interior designer. At any point in your project, it’s important to remember that an interior designer can be a great help.  They are experts at formulating and executing cohesive home style and have plenty of contacts with contractors to ensure that work is completed correctly.  They’ll also help you focus on which updates will have the most impact and stay within budget.

Never forget that interior design should be fun and exciting.  If you find yourself stressed or over budget, it’s time to take a step back, reevaluate your priorities, and enlist the help of a professional.  Have fun out there!


Xx Pippa

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