What to Wear to Work

The struggle is real.  Nearly every woman is confronted with the question of how to look great at work while maintaining a professional vibe.  Read on for tips about how to build a wardrobe so stylish, you’ll even want to wear each piece IRL.

  1. Assess your current situation. Review each office wear piece you currently own and make a realistic decision about its viability.  Donate any clothes that don’t fit well or don’t match your present style.  So many of our apparel challenges are caused by trying to force items into a rotation just because they’re there.  For garments in classic colors, but outdated in the way they’re cut, consider salvaging them by having a tailor update the fit.
  2. Create a cache of updated classics. Every working women’s closet needs a stockpile of basics on which to build an elegant wardrobe.  Make sure you have at least one of each of the following: kitten heels, blazer, a sheath dress, ankle length dress pants, pencil skirt, bag, classic earrings & necklace.   Purchase clothing items in cold and warm weather color sets; black or navy works well in fall/winter and tan or white are best suited for spring/summer.
  3. Add Interest. This is the fun part!  Incorporate statement pieces to outfits that include complementary patterns, colors and textures according to season.   Also try layering and grouping articles in different ways to maximize wearability.  If you’re unsure as to how to begin, choose a theme for your outfit and stick to it.  Wear all pastels in solid colors for spring, or different patterns in the same colors, such as navy and white worn in stripes and polka dots.

If you are in need of more help, keep in mind that many stores offer free or low cost personal shopping assistance.  As you refine your style skills, it’ll become easier to spot quality clothing that will integrate well with your existing items.  When in doubt, social media is another great place to look for outfit inspiration!

Happy shopping!  Xx Pippa

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