How To Wear Patterns Like A Pro

Patterns and prints are an easy enhancement for any wardrobe.  Most people choose to highlight one statement piece per outfit, but if you want to pump up your style, try mixing two or more.  Read on to learn the simple tips that will help you mix and match like an expert.

  1. Color.  Keep the patterns in a single color family.  Once you feel more comfortable, you can use multiple, but it goes without saying that you should keep the colors complimentary.
  2. Scale.  Pair a smaller scale pattern with the same pattern, just larger.
  3. Neutrals.  A nude or other neutral colored shoe and bag will ground your look so that it doesn’t become costume-y.
  4. Graphics.  The easiest patterns to mix are graphic prints like stripes, hounds tooth, checks, polka dots, etc.  Start with these before adding more complex fabrics like florals and animal prints.
  5. Solids.  Prints on prints on prints can look amazing, but if something’s off, definitely swap out a garment and replace with a solid if you feel things are getting to ‘busy’.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to try a new look.  Remember to have a trusted friend give you an honest assessment of any outfit about which you are unsure.

Xx Pippa

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