How To Pack Your Gym Bag

Having a fully stocked gym bag makes fitting in your daily workout that much easier.  Whether it’s an extra cold morning or you reeeeally want to go straight home from work, there’s just something about knowing that you’ve already packed your bag that makes it a bit harder to avoid exercise.  We can all use the extra fitness motivation some days, so read on for tips about what you should have on hand when you hit the gym.

  1. Hair Ties. Rubberized elastics are just the thing to keep strands secure so that your focus stays on the workout.
  2. Head Band. For extra sweaty exercise, it helps to have a head band to keep the perspiration out of your eyes.
  3. Ear Buds. Cardio without tunes?  Not fun.
  4. Water Bottle. It’s inevitable that you’ll get thirsty while exercising so avoid paying the $2.50 for a water at the gym and avoid unnecessary waste by keeping a reusable with you.
  5. Face Wipes. Quickly remove makeup pre or post workout with a non-irritating facial cleansing cloth.
  6. Body Wipes. Choose a gentle wipe designed for sensitive skin so that you can quickly freshen up before reapplying deodorant.
  7. Deodorant.  A no-brainer necessity after a sweaty workout.
  8. Blotting Sheets. If you’ve exercised only lightly and don’t want to wash off makeup after, blotting papers can soak up excess oil to avoid skin that looks shiny.
  9. Tinted Lip Balm. Swipe on a little lip balm to help feel put together when you leave the gym.

What are your favorite gym bag products?  Let me know in the comments section below!

Xx Pippa


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