How To Make Plant Based Soap At Home

The appeal of homemade glycerin soap lies not only in its plant based, organic qualities, but also its easy creation.  If you dislike using soaps which contain harsh ingredients or synthetic scents, making your own is ideal.  Read on for a step by step guide.


Plant based, organic glycerin soap melt

Soap mold

Dried herbs (My favorites are lavender, sage, rosemary)

Ceramic bowl

Metal spoon

Coconut oil spray

Spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol

  1. Cut off enough of the glycerin soap melt to fill your soap molds and heat in the microwave at 30 second intervals until liquefied.
  2. Stir in dried herbs. It’s important that you use only dried herbs as fresh herbs contain water which can allow for mold development.
  3. Spray soap mold with coconut oil so that it has a light coating, then pour the liquefied soap and herb mixture into the mold.
  4. Spray rubbing alcohol on the top of the liquid soap to prevent bubble formation.
  5. Wait about 1 hour, until cooled, then remove soaps from the mold and enjoy!

The mild, natural fragrance of homemade soap is so much better than the synthetic odor of store bought products.  Plus, it’s a great way to utilize all those herbs from your garden!

Xx Pippa





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