Welcome!  I’m Pippa, the voice behind Philippa Karr Digital Diary.

Several years ago, I began my blogging career by writing about funeral service and grief help.  If you’re like most people, that statement probably elicits a decent number of questions, and (if we’re being honest) at least a little bit of discomfort surrounding the topic of death. You’re probably asking, “Why would anyone want to blog about funerals?”  And, even more relevant, “What does this have to do with a lifestyle site?!”

Simply put, I chose to blog about the aforementioned topics because I was working as a funeral director. (Write what you know, right?)  And because the essence of a funeral director’s job is acting as a specialized event planner, it’s the perfect foundation of knowledge on which to build a lifestyle resource site.

From a practical standpoint, my event planning experience helps me to sift through options in travel, decor, food, flowers, apparel and etiquette in order to curate an effortless, stylish experience for any occasion.  On a philosophical level, my work as a funeral director has helped shape the belief that each day should be thoroughly enjoyed with the best of what life has to offer.

Journey with me as I document all my favorites in PKDD.